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Development Course

In 1999, Zhong's three brothers invested $1 million to establish Yusheng Mould Factory. At the same time, it also introduced worth millions of CNC mold processing machines and injection molding machines.

In 2003, after good communication between the two parties, and recognition of our company & team, Steyr officially authorized us to produce LED truck tail light molds. This product is also the first LED taillight produced by our company.

In 2005, on the basis of good cooperation in the early stage, once again accepting the authorization of Steyr, the first production assembly line was opened to assemble and assemble the LED taillights for Steyr. At the same time, we began to pay attention to the market trends of LED auto lamps.

In 2008, Hayeo Industry and Trade Limited were formally established. On the basis of the original production, we set up our own R&D team and sales team, and started to develop & produce automotive LED lights, LED work lights, and LED off-road light bars.

In 2011, commissioned by AAC (a US dealer for Porsche Auto Parts), it developed and modified the Porsche 997/911 Turbo daytime running light and designed it as a yellow and white two-color daytime running light. We have served our customers throughout the entire process from product mold design and make, circuit R&D, and production assembly to customer recognition.

In 2012, based on market demand feedback, combined with the development of LED, the company invested a lot of manpower and material resources, developed the first LED car headlights.
In the same year, AAC commissioned it again and developed the first carbon fiber daytime running light, which was dedicated to Subaru.

In 2013, LED car headlights were upgraded to the third generation. At the same time, LED work lights development more different functions and appearances, and three series of off-road light bars. Received a lot of praise from customers.

In 2015, we continued to improve and enrich product lines, optimize the industrial chain, and upgrading LED automotive headlights, LED work lights, and LED off-road light bars, to provides with more cost-effective quality products and good service for our partner.

In 2016, Shangyou County Government of Ganzhou City inviting investment, combined with the company's development plan, purchased 60 acres of land in Shangyou County Industrial Park. It plans to relocate the production base to Shangyou County as a whole and plan to build a 40,000-square-meter comprehensive industrial park.

In 2017, a new factory building in Shangyou County Industrial Park was completed, and 10 new production lines were formally launched, marking that Hayeo Industry and Trade Limited has gone further.

In 2018, we continued sailing. . . . . .



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